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So you're an artist, or you have a business, and you want to get the most out of twitter. Face it, it's extremely time consuming to do twitter marketing well. Deep down what do we all want from Twitter? We want people to listen to us and read what we have to say! Well one thing is for sure, the best way to know if a tweet has gone viral is that it's getting retweeted and shared across twitter. Only the best posts get that amount of attention. Retweets attract retweets and so the cycle goes, that's what viral is.


Put simply, you want to be seen! You want popularity and you want your audience to grow. Twitter Retweet Face it, 99.999% of tweets aren't being read by anyone and aren't even being shared outside of your own audience. Why did you even join twitter in the first place? You did it as a means to market yourself! You wouldn't be on this page if this wasn't the case. Try this, go to Twitter.com and search for @your_twitter_name. Do you see any results coming up? Most likely you'll only see your avatar popping up and occasionally some retweets in between. Now imagine this! You search for your twitter name and you see thousands of people sharing your tweets to their audience. People usually only retweet the good stuff, so their audience is more likely to click on the link or read the tweet than any other tweets. This means that your audience will grow exponentially and your credibility as well.

How do we get you so many retweets?!

We've been in the social media supply business for 4 years and in this time we've developed our in-house methods to perfection. We leverage sites like twiends.com and other sites in a way nobody else does. Buy Twitter Followers Sure you could do what we do for free but it would take you many hours if you knew exactly what you were doing. We've streamlined the process of getting more twitter retweets so we're able to offer them at a price that no one else can.


Try out our service and see the results for yourself. It's 100% safe and 100% guaranteed. We offer a no questions asked 100% money back guarantee, so we're in the business of keeping you happy and coming back. Your success is our success and we understand that better than anyone. We suggest that you start by trying one of our smallest packages and work your way up as you see the results. Watch as your tweets get retweeted thousands of times over!

about 4 years ago

Hi, This a demo post of Logdown.

Logdown use Markdown as main syntax, you can find more example by reading this document on Wikipedia

Logdown also support drag & drop image uploading. The picture syntax is like this:

Bloging with code snippet:

inline code

Plain Code

puts "Hello World!"

Code with Language

puts "Hello World!"

Code with Title

puts "Hello World!"

MathJax Example


Inline Mathjax

The answser is .

Table Example

Tables Are Cool
col 1 Hello $1600
col 2 Hello $12
col 3 Hello $1